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If you are seriously thinking of making more revenue from your online ventures, you need a dedicated group of people who are experienced in designing campaigns, and driving traffic, behind you.

We have been helping small businesses, professionals, entrepreneurs, and aspiring online business owners with their online marketing, design, traffic and lead generation, since 1999.

"Multiple Stream Media's services are the BEST fully integrated solution for any marketer. No one else includes all the tools you need to be successful including traffic, list building, tracking, follow-up, and more. If you're in an affiliate business or a online marketing business, it's costing you money not to use these services. - Internet Business Coach, Terry Dean, 

We welcome you to check the advertising, traffic, lead generation, list management and design services that we provide below. At any point you feel that you need further assistance, please feel free to call us and speak with us. Monday to Friday 9AM - 5PM EST. 1(845) 383 1007.

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Below are the advertising services and websites that we own and manage on our network. Please select the type of advertising that you may be interested in to learn more.

    Advertising & Traffic Generation 
Site Types Of Advertising Targeting Capabalities Delivery Price Range SAVINGS PROMO CODE Targeted Email Advertising (Incentivized) Category based (Interest, age, demographics..etc) Email $10.80 and up Buyers List Mailing Internet Marketing, Business Opportunity Email $359.10 and up Sponsorship Free offers, Gambling related, Online Games Display $24.99 and up Email PPC Category based (choose from 62 categories) Email $40 cents per click and up Banner advertising (Pay-Per-Click) Category based (choose from 62 categories) Display $25 Deposit Photo-Text advertising Category based (choose from 62 categories) Display $25 Deposit Interstitial advertising Category based (choose from 62 categories) Display $25 Deposit
Client Picture"Being in the business of supplying lead capture pages I am constantly looking for places where my clients can successfully advertise their capture page. I have found Multiple Stream Media to be one of the most easy to deal with companies when it comes to email marketing. You treat my clients with courtesy and respect and your customer service and support are un-matched when it comes to marketing of this type." Thanks! - Carl Sorensen. Owner, 
     Lead Generation 
Site Types Of Advertising Targeting Capabalities Delivery Price Range  
Internal Network Co-registration Internet Marketing, Business Opportunity Display / Thank you pages 010¢ / lead
Internal Network Qualified Leads directly into your autoresponder Internet Marketing, Business Opportunity, free offers Display / Email $1.15¢ / lead Call Us
1(845) 383 1007
"Since I started using Multiple Stream Media's " List Management System, I built a new, targeted email list of over 500 contacts in less than 1 month. Also, I've increased my website traffic to an average of 350 hits per day by using their affordable promotional packages. I like the landing page feature where I direct my email promotions. - Ted Prodromou, Client Attraction Expert, 
    Done-For-You Traffic & Leads
Site Marketing Advertising & Traffic Leads Price Range  
Internal Network Design, Scheduling, Optimizing Email, Display, PPC Minimum 200 Leads / month $349/month
Client Picture"Simply stated, I am seeing real results with Rent-A-List advertising. Everyday my inbox contain responses from individuals who want to know more about my business" - Mike & Sheila, Affiliate Marketers
    List Management & Autoresponders
Site Features Price Range Landing page design, Email list management, Autoresponders, tracking and more... $1 Trial
Client Picture"The advertising and marketing services from Multiple Stream Media has been instrumental in building our business for more than five years running. I have not seen returns like this anywhere. - Jason Mangrum,
    Design For Marketing 
Service Price Range  
Landing Page Design (2 page layout) $299
HTML Email Ad Design (custom) $199
Banner Ad Design (5 sizes) $99


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