Video Series Part One: How To Personalize Your Marketing by Posted on May 20th, 2012


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About Abe Cherian…

Abe Cherian, CEO, Multiple Stream MediaAbe is a pioneer in the Online Marketing field. He started his first online venture in 1999, offering a membership site for online marketers where they can find valuable business building resources all in one place -- which lead to several successful web businesses online.

He started Multiple Stream Media Ad Network in 2001, with one goal in mind -- to help small business marketers reach the right market, with the right message, at right time. Multiple Stream Media publisher base has a total reach of over 10 million subscribers (and growing) in 64 markets..

In 2008, when the "top tier" PPC ad network like Google, Bing ,Yahoo!, were beginning to make it extremely difficult for the small business marketer to advertise and get decent ROI, Abe started his own PPC network, (AdclickMedia is a pay-per-click platform that is easy and affordable for small business marketers. AdClickMedia has over 35k quality publishers and is growing at a fast pace.)

With innovative ideas Multiple Stream Media continues to create software and platforms that makes online marketing easy and effective for small business owners.