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Pay per click advertising, pay per click, ppc, affordable ppc, adclickmediaIs Pay-Per-Click Advertising Profitable For Your Small and Mid-sized Business Anymore?

Pay per click concept has been proven to be very effective for advertisers and publishers alike. It has revolutionized the online industry unlike any other types of advertising model. It has also created some of the biggest online companies in history. 

That's well and good for the big businesses, but how is this model benefiting your small to mid-sized businesses in this day and age? With the increasing and inflated bid cost for keywords, are you able to compete with  big businesses?

Big business businesses spend millions of dollars with PPC networks popularizing their brands and not necessarily for direct marketing purpose. 

  • Are you looking to spend tens of thousands of dollars every month for just branding, and no real action? 

  • Are you looking for direct actions and results that will pay off sooner than later?

  • Are the traffic coming from PPC networks converting enough leads? 

  • Are they bringing in enough leads to cover the high PPC cost? 

If you are a small business owner, a start up business, affiliate marketer, CPA promoter, or an offline store trying to make it online, more than likely your answer is going to be a 'NO'. 

Second Tier Ad Networks Attract Billions Of Visitors Using Their Publisher Base!

The second tier ad networks drive billions of targeted traffic using their publisher networks. You can get targeted and cheap traffic using a second tier networks. - Working closely with 15,000+ quality web publishers worldwide!

Fortunately, Multiple Stream Media's PPC property, gives advertisers and publishers just that. Reasonable cost for advertising (as low as 5¢ per click), and up to 60% payout for Publishers. AdClickMedia is also one of the fastest growing ad networks in this space.

AdClickMedia Benefits & Features:

  • Affordable pay-per-click rates.
  • Up to 60% payout for publishers.
  • Accepts landing page, and affiliate product advertisers.
  • Exclusive Photo text ads, banner ads, and Interstitial ads on the network.
  • Transparent tracking.
  • World class fraud detections and management.
  • Runs on proprietary and private platform.
  • Over 90 Million ad impressions per month.

To learn more about our network please click here. It's free ad easy to join.

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