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Rent-A-List solo advertising, email list advertising, Email advertising, Targeted email
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Rent-A-List solo advertising, email list advertising, Email advertising, Targeted emailEmail advertising is an excellent tool to build your online empire fast. In fact, if the targeted audience is the right audience, email marketing can actually be more effective than traditional forms of advertising. With email advertising, the goal is to reach people who will visit your website, see what you offer, and become solid customers.

3.2 Million+ Opt-In Subscribers in over 66 markets worldwide.

Our email advertising service is exclusively provided via The Rent-A-List website is an advertising portal that is currently serving over 68,000 advertisers in over 66 Interest groups. Advertisers can run multiple ad campaigns and keep track of all their advertising data in one easy to use interface.

Rent-A-List platform provides multiple channels of promotions including Email Advertising, Sponsorship Advertising, Banner Advertising, and Text Advertising with 

Email Advertising Benefits & Features:

  • Fast delivery and instant results.
  • Ad design services.
  • Demographic, Geo Targeting, Behavioral Targeting, Economic Targeting, and B2B Targeting.
  • Detailed tracking and reporting.
  • Guaranteed visitors for selected campaigns.
  • Run and track multiple campaigns.
  • Schedule campaigns for up to 2 months in advance.
  • Work closely with email marketing experts.
  • Low and affordable rates. (Starts at $12.99)

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