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No business is an island on its own. Solid connections are key to success for any business – offline or online, Big Multi Billion Dollar Businesses, Small Businesses, Startup Businesses, or Entrepreneurs aspiring to start a business.

Multiple Stream Media was created in 1998 as a solution for those individuals and businesses to partner with and plug into established sources of hungry traffic for more leads and sales on demand.

This business was founded in three basic truths:

  • Most Businesses are run by living, breathing people, who are ‘value-driven’
  • Businesses are built on ‘trust worthy relationships’ between people
  • Every business was once a ‘small business’ struggling to grow
  • You can ‘partner and plug in’ to other businesses and grow faster

These are four truths that we believe in when we consult with a new client, interact with our existing clients, offer a service, or launch a new product.

Way too many hard working online business owners are lonely in their own business. They struggle to expand their reach by themselves, and are often disappointed with the results and relationships they have with other joint venture partners.

Small businesses in every market now have a website and enormous potential to increase their productivity in local markets and Internationally. But, many of them are stuck when it comes to reaching their target market successfully. You don’t have to be alone anymore. Multiple Stream Media offers free and straight forward consultation to anyone who wish to reach hungry traffic for more leads and sales on demand.

Our Team

abe cherian 1 About UsAbe Cherian, Founder & CEO

Abe Cherian started this business in 1998 when he was living in a one bedroom apartment in New York City.

Within 2 years he has developed the company, the people, the system, and the network into a global thriving multi million dollar business.

After working for an offline advertising company, selling creative advertising spaces to small local businesses for over 2 years, it was his conviction that the Internet media will take over the future of marketing and advertising in a big way. Working with several offline sales offices, Abe also was convinced that the company, the people, and the systems can be optimized to everybody’s advantage and not just the top tier management.

“When I started my business, I swore to myself that I wouldn’t treat my clients and my team the way they have been treated by most companies”.

This has been the core value and culture the company holds to this day.

  • Helping the online community, startup businesses, and online entrepreneurs, and by being a reliable partner in the growth of their online ventures.
  • Developing a team of knowledgeable people who has vested interest in the company.

martha aboutus page About UsMartha Cherian, Operations Manager / Affiliate Manager

Martha Cherian is the Operations Manager and Abe’s beautiful wife. She is also the Affiliate Manager and is responsible for tens of thousands of Affiliates and Publishers worldwide.

Martha has worked hand in hand with Abe since the idea was born. Martha’s 11 year experience in the Client specialist and sales arena has made her a pre-eminent expert in the operations and management of Multiple Stream Media.

Under her keen direction, Multiple Stream is able to deliver peak performance to it’s advertisers and publishers and the general operations. As one of the founding members of Multiple Stream, Martha has played a key role in the expansion of the company.

Martha is also a very busy mother of 4 kids. 

Roy Rudder, Chief Technology Officer

Roy Rudder is the Chief Technology Officer and System Analyst for Multiple Stream Media. He is also a brilliant and sought after programmer and is responsible for the technical staff.

Roy has been a part of company since it’s inception and brains behind many of the Multiple Stream Media projects.

Roy has managed and developed customized automation systems and platforms for the company that cost millions of dollars and is responsible for over 20 million dollars in sales.  

Multiple Stream Media Credo

At Multiple Stream Media, we know that ‘bigness’ is not our strength, honesty, accountability, respect, and hard work is.

We pledge to work harder than ever to bring your business the best quality and higher standards in all areas.

When you work with Multiple Stream you can count on.

  1. Only the highest quality subscribers and inventory from quality publishers and partners.
  2. Accurate and real-time tracking and reporting.
  3. More one-on-one interaction with our advertisers before dollars change hands.
  4. We’ll spend a lot more money in refining our lists and opening up new venues of promotions…etc.
  5. More accountability for your ad campaigns.
  6. Better ad presentation (even if it takes more of our time and money in doing so).
  7. The most personal, fully dedicated customer care.
  8. Affiliates and advertisers will be treated with at most respect and care.

We want customer satisfaction, period. That’s our stand. It has always been our stand but this time we have the resources to make it more effective.

Why Work With Us

Because we’ve been involved with the interactive advertising industry literally since Day One, and because we remain at the center of a community of over 122,100+, advertisers, members, partners, publishers & vendors, and, with over 8 million list subscribers worldwide, we are in a unique position to assist you with your promotional needs.

Whether you are a Internet Business owner looking to partner with reliable source to improve your marketing, a small business looking to expand your online reach, or an affiliate marketer looking for affordable marketing and advertising services, we can help.

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We also publish over 80 quality content based websites, and blogs in over 72 markets.

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