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The People

Whether you’re already working with us, or are thinking about joining our family of successful clients and subscribers...this page is for you!

We love getting to know and interact with our clients, but also realize you probably want to know who is behind the scenes taking care of your projects.

On our about us page - one of the things we have listed, is our core values. At the top of that list, you’ll find this:

“We promise to pursue everything that we venture into with utmost passion.”

To help with that vision, we’ve assembled a top-notch team of professionals—both full-time and part-time—that truly care about helping your business succeed.

Below, we’d like you to meet our in-house team, who take care of customer service, consultations and sales.

Our in house team (below) takes care of customer service, consultation, and sales. We employee a string of both full time and part time team members who are equally committed to the company and our clients.

Abe Cherian, Multiple Stream MediaAbe Cherian, Founder & CEO

Abe Cherian is a pioneer in the Online Marketing field. He started his first online venture in 1998, offering a membership site for online marketers where they can find valuable business building resources all in one place -- which lead to several successful businesses online.

He started Multiple Stream Media Ad Network in 2001, with one goal in mind -- to help small business marketers reach the right market, with the right message, at the right time

Multiple Stream Media publisher base has a total reach of over 10 million subscribers (and growing) in 64 markets.

In his own words, "To be successful in any market, we have to be uniquely creative, and provide real value to the market that you are serving. But most of all, one has to take action and fail quickly -- Until the we find the ones that work. There is no such thing as failure, only lessons learned."

In 2008, when the "top tier" PPC ad networks like Google, Bing, Yahoo!, were beginning to make it extremely difficult for the small business marketer to advertise, and get decent ROI, Abe started his own PPC network, AdClickMedia.com

(AdClickMedia is a pay-per-click platform that is easy and affordable for small business marketers. AdClickMedia has over 35K individual publishers and growing.)

With Abe Cherian on the helm, the Multiple Stream Media ship will sail and expand to new heights.

Martha Merten, Multiple Stream MediaMartha Merten, Director Of Operations

Dedication, organization and a passion to help small business with their challenges -- describes Martha Merten. 

Martha Merten has been with Multiple Stream Media since it's inception. Coming from a sales and customer service background, Martha makes sure that everything in running smoothly.

She manages our day to day operations, manages in-house staff, and coordinates with outsourcing. When our clients and affiliates have questions or need advice, Martha is the main go-to member of the team.

She loves working with people and can usually be found on the phone, helping other entrepreneurs plan their path to success and reach their highest potential as a business owner.

Clients have always enjoyed her caring personality, which makes working together a painless and enjoyable process.

Roy Rudder, System Administrator

What do you get when you combine 20 years worth of technology and programming experience, with a proper supply of caffeine? You get Roy, our system administrator and resident automation genius!

Roy is a master of turning code into beautiful, systematic software to keep Multiple Stream Media running efficiently. His ability to find ways to do more with less resources is one of the critical things that has helped us serve over 65,000 clients, publishers and vendors with our small team. A generous person and self-proclaimed country boy, Roy has been an asset to our team since 2000.

Our Services And Network

We work with Online and Offline Business Entrepreneurs, Internet Marketers, Affiliate Marketers, and Home-Based Businesses. We help them establish a clear message, increase their web presence, and ROI focused advertising and marketing campaigns.

Over the years, we've created several different ad networks, automation tools and advertising platforms that now serve over 65,000+ customers and publishers.

Our main goal is to provide solutions that streamline your business and enable flow, growth and moment in every aspect of your day-to-day tasks.

According to our case studies, we think we've done a pretty good job, so far!

How Multiple Stream Media Can Contribute To Your Success:

Advertising Platforms:

1. Adclickmedia.com - Our pay-per-click network.

2. Rent-A-List.com - Your go-to source for consumer and business lists for e-mail marketing and direct mail campaigns.

3. BusinessWorldList.com - Membership Advertising website

Publisher Platforms:

1. Hits4Pay.com - Incentive network.

2. Dealsncash.com - Surveys site.

1. Adclickmedia.com - Our publisher network.

Automation Platforms:

1. Liststream.NET - Our list management and tracking services.

Values and Mission:

1. We promise to pursue everything that we venture into with utmost passion.

2. We believe entrepreneurs change the world.

3. That ordinary people can do extraordinary things and supporting people who want to change can make us great, too.

4. Pursue growth and learning at all times.

5. Be humble.

6. Client satisfaction is the key to successful long term business.

7. Embrace change.

8. Maintain creativity and an open mind at all times.

Client Case Studies

Multiple Stream Media Client Reviews

"The campaign I did was definitely successful...the service and support was prompt and effective." - John Maxwell

Multiple Stream Media Services Review

" I have been very satisfied with our advertising results. The sponsorship ad that we ran resulted in ten new clients for our business. We could not have been more pleased. If you are looking for more sales or signups into your networking business, then look no further than rent-a-list." - Andy Malcolm

Multiple Stream Media Services Review

"We have always seen only positive results from Rent-A-List." - John Dupon

Multiple Stream Media Services Review

"I have had far more success with Rent-a-List than any other marketing company." - John Neville


Multiple Stream Media Services Review

Very Happy! I have gotten up to a 30% hits from the 60% opening rate and that's fantastic! The ROI so far has been 3 figures! - Jason Ng

Multiple Stream Media Services Review

"Your service was recommended by an business associate of mine -- Boy, am I glad that he did. It changed everything for my business".- Steve Goodman

Multiple Stream Media Services Review

I am extremely pleased with the results I have been getting with Rent-A-List. On a 500 mailing I had over 350 see my ad, more than they guarantee you.  That is unbelievable! - Carla Graves

Multiple Stream Media Services Review

I am a Clickbank affiliate and very happy will the results I get from Rent-A-List. It has brought more income than expected it only takes a few minutes to place my ad and rent-a-list does the rest. Very easy and convenient. - Faith Dalton

Multiple Stream Media Services Review

Yes, all campaigns have brought in new signups and pre-enrollees that have upgraded. Probably the most effective was the solo ad. - Tommy Combs

Multiple Stream Media Services Review

Rent-A-List offers a Variety of advertising services and unique advertising options for a very reasonable price. - Susan Thomas

Multiple Stream Media Services Review

Rent-A-List was able to provide me with real RESULTS! I have never come across a service that is so outstanding that delivers real results, real fast and at an affordable price. Jim Siemers

Multiple Stream Media Services Review

Rent-a-list is much more cost-effective and always provides results. - Blake Carter

Multiple Stream Media Services Review

I tried out your leads to see how responsive they would be and I have to say that Rent-A-List leads are the only ones where I've gotten good responses and business signups in my XELR8 business. Thank you! - Connie Clark

Multiple Stream Media Services Review

I sent 1000 emails, gained marketing exposure to 510 people, and had 15 people sign up for my marketing list...so far!" - Jill Long

Multiple Stream Media Services Review

"I am extremely happy with rent-a-list's superb service. I would say that the return rate from Rent A List is a much higher percentage than others I have tried." - Julian Davies

Multiple Stream Media Services Review

"My leads have doubled since I started using 
- Cindy E. Solomon

Multiple Stream Media Services Review

My organization continues to grow at an outstanding rate and I attribute that to 2 things:  Your target advertising and the superior products and company I represent. - Becca Mutz

Multiple Stream Media Services Review

The most serious Advertising company I have ever seen; traffic stats and results are amazing.
- Angelika Dworzak

Multiple Stream Media Services Review

" Simply stated, I am seeing results with Rent-A-List advertising. Everyday my inbox contain responses from individuals who want to know more about my business" - Mike & Sheila

Multiple Stream Media Services Review

I have a long history with using rent a list and I have used them to advertise many different businesses and programs over the years. They have always garnered me very good results and they are very fair in running the ads again until they reach the guaranteed number of hits. No questions asked! - Milton Hurley

Multiple Stream Media Services Review

"Rent-a-List has above-average advertising services. Excellent customer service. I would recommend it to everyone, absolutely." - Andrew Polizia


Multiple Stream Media Services Review

"No one has come close to the results we get with Rent-A-List. You get what you pay for. We sent out a targeted ad campaign to 5000 clients and in two days received 281 certified customers." - Author, Larry Johnson

Multiple Stream Media Services Review

I have tried various companies but Rent-A-List without a doubt is the most professional. I can say with confidence that when I need to get traffic to my site I turn to Rent-A-List. - Benny Tillman

Multiple Stream Media Services Review

"Rent-A-List has been instrumental in building our business for more than five years running."  - Jason Mangrum


Multiple Stream Media Services Review

I am always willing to look at what's available, but the Rent-A-List combo of target, guarantee and price is tough to beat. - John Dempsey

Multiple Stream Media Services Review

"I got better results with Rent-A-List advertising. People actually visited my offer page and the amount that I need to invest was way cheaper that Google and Facebook advertising. - Jacov Gariani

Multiple Stream Media Services Review

"I have used Rent-A-List many times before and have been very satisfied with the highly targeted traffic. All other venues that I have tried before were just plain junk, mostly leads from overseas and not targeted at all." - Paula Wier

Multiple Stream Media Services Review

"I have been using Rent-a-List for the past 6 years, and have consistently received a positive ROI on my advertising costs." - John Meeson


Multiple Stream Media Services Review

Compared to other services, Rent-A-list service is un-matched. I liked their prospect/leads for their excellent responsiveness. - Connie Clark

Multiple Stream Media Services Review

Honesty is important. Unlike any other companies Rent-a-List proves to be your money's worth. Giving you what you need. - Kurt Hummel

Multiple Stream Media Services Review

"I was able to increase traffic to my site substantially and was able to convert some into sales." - Omar Moody


Multiple Stream Media Services Review

The very first day of using Rent-A-List.com I found my site getting more hits than ever. Overnight there was a sudden change. Then sales started to show up, I started getting calls on my toll-free phone numbers again. Yes I'm very happy with the results I've been getting. - John Banks Jr

Multiple Stream Media Services Review

"We received more calls from potential clients than we ever did from other similar campaigns." - Ron Lester


Multiple Stream Media Services Review

"Results from similar services just do not compare with Rent-a-List. Easily pays for itself many times over." - Paul & Tina Warren


Multiple Stream Media Services Review

Well quite frankly, I get such good results from your service that you are in my opinion one of the top 3 resources we have been able to use anywhere in the World for our 81 websites. - Paul Darby

Multiple Stream Media Services Review

Who We Like And What We Need:

Are you an energetic and creative person, who believes in delivering value to others? If so, we are constantly looking for the following types of professionals to join our team:

1. Graphic designers...

2. Affiliate managers...

3. Sales account managers...

4. Copywriters...

5. Multimedia experts...

6. Voice talents...

Interested in a full-time or part-time position? Apply here.

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